Our Cuba program is at stake

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LAWG_CUBA_SUPPORT_thumbSince the 1990’s the Latin America Working Group (LAWG) has been a go-to source for all questions regarding Cuba policy here on Capitol Hill for our activists across the nation (without the political wonkiness, of course). We’ve provided opportunities for you to take action and make your voice heard above all the other talking points that overload the halls of our government. Now, you have the opportunity to support us so we can continue to move our Cuba policy forward.

Will you show us your support so we can continue to support you?

With Cuba undergoing a sea of changes to their society and the majority of Cuban Americans showing support for ending all travel restrictions and the trade embargo, these are exciting times for those who support bringing U.S.-Cuba relations into the 21st century. With new political possibilities in both Washington and Havana, a change in U.S.-Cuba relations is not only possible, but inevitable. And with the election results from Tuesday, we now believe that the coming year will bring new opportunities for improvements in U.S. policy towards Cuba. Note that an NBC news analysis reports that President Obama, with his policy of allowing family and people-to-people travel, received 49 percent of the Cuban-American vote in Florida, while Governor Romney, who opposes travel to Cuba, only received 47 percent. This is game-changing.

Our experience has positioned us to take advantage of these exciting new opportunities to expand upon the progress we’ve already made. However, your devoted LAWG Cuba team is currently trying to overcome a real problem, a stagnation of the funding for our Cuba work. In order to build upon our impressive record of achievements, we need your support.

Twenty $20 contributions will allow us to host Cuban Americans and visiting Cubans in Washington, DC, and provide opportunities for their voices supporting engagement to be heard on Capitol Hill;

Forty $50 donations will allow us to plan and carry out on-line activities to promote to the White House the extension of general people-to-people travel licenses for ALL (so no prior permission is necessary from Treasury’s OFAC);

Thirty $100 donations will allow us to host a massive on-line petition to remove Cuba from the State Department list of “state sponsors of terrorism” (where Cuba does NOT belong ) and add thousands of new “opt-in” email addresses to our list of Cuba policy activists;

Five $1000 donations (okay, we know that we are reaching here, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, right?) will allow us to work with and assist new sectors of the U.S. population to travel to Cuba and build enduring bridges with partner sectors in Cuba. And it will allow us to develop and print new resource materials for returning Cuba travelers, showing them how to become citizen advocates for a new U.S-Cuba policy.

Our goal with this e-appeal is to raise $10,000 to support our work and assure that we can continue our Cuba program at the LAWG. Will you help us surpass this goal?

Make your secure tax-deductible donation here or you can send your contribution via mail (with Cuba Campaign noted on the memo line of your check) to:

Cuba Campaign
Latin America Working Group Education Fund
424 C Street NE
Washington, DC 20002

Thank you for your partnership over the years; thank you for all we will do together in the coming year to finally construct a policy toward Cuba that is reasonable, humane, and neighborly. We can’t do it without you.