President Obama: Cuba Wants to Talk

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On Saturday, Cuban President Raul Castro, while addressing the Cuban parliament, again announced that his government stood ready to discuss anything with the Obama Administration.

President Castro’s statement both reaffirms his government’s commitment to the principles of the 1959 revolution and his willingness to reestablish a cordial relationship with the United States. See coverage here.  

Saturday’s statement is Raul Castro’s second (at least!) call for dialogue with the Obama Administration. The timing of this statement could not have been better. While President Castro expressed his willingness to dialogue with the United States, reports speculate that the Obama Administration may be considering further expansion of diplomatic avenues with Cuba. See a report here.

The environment continues to ripen for dialogue and diplomacy between two estranged neighbors, especially since the economic needs of the two countries are starting to match up also. Most recently, Arkansas’ governor recently returned from a trip to Cuba feeling optimistic about trade with the island. Forbes reports here.

Let’s hope these two governments will take hold of this opening to find forward-looking solutions to shared problems.