Push Congress to Pass the Dream Act

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As we join with our families to celebrate Thanksgiving, we also remember the many thousands of immigrant families who continue to suffer and struggle in the absence of needed immigration reform. The passage of the DREAM Act can make a huge difference in the lives of undocumented youth who were brought to the U.S. by their parents and now, after working and studying hard to graduate from our neighborhoods’ high schools, confront obstacles to their future because of their legal status. By removing such barriers, the DREAM Act will allow immigrant students to pursue their dreams.

The DREAM Act is close to becoming reality! Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are all on board. A vote is scheduled. Now it’s your turn. We’re still a few votes shy, so we need you to speak up, and push reluctant Republicans and wavering Democrats to support this important step towards fixing our broken immigration system.

Click here to tell your member of Congress to support the DREAM Act!

This is big. The stakes are high. For months, young people have been mobilizing around the country —holding hunger strikes and conducting civil disobedience—taking risks to turn their dreams into a future.

Here at LAWG we work day in and day out to support sensible and humane policies towards our border region—and we know reforming our broken approach towards immigration is an integral component to make that a reality. 

We know it’s not enough, we know it’s not perfect, but passing the DREAM Act is a step in the right direction.  As Obama said last week, the DREAM Act is our “down payment” for real immigration reform. We can’t let this legislative opportunity—and the opportunities of nearly a million young people— go to waste.

Send a fax to your member of Congress now: Support the DREAM Act

As the Arizona Republic said back in August, the “DREAM Act is long overdue…It would take real political courage to stand up in Congress and support the Dream Act. But it is both just and fiscally sound to give these kids a chance to legally become what they have grown up to be: Americans.”

Thank you for taking action to support this important reform today! 

By the way, we’d like to take a brief moment to thank all of you who sent an e-mail to President Obama urging him to end violence against migrants. The other week, LAWGEF—along with concerned human rights, faith, and labor organizations—sent a sign-on letter to the White House urging him to demonstrate leadership at home, as well as work with counterparts in Mexico, to protect migrants’ human and civil rights. Check out the letter here.