Recess Action: Meet Your Legislators & Urge Them to STAND UP for Just Policies!

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Date: Feb 19, 2019

Author: Andrea Fernández Aponte

This week, elected officials are back in their hometowns reconnecting with the communities they’ve sworn to faithfully represent on the national stage. This is the perfect opportunity to bring attention to the issues we deeply care about. And given the Trump Administration’s recent moves to disrupt peace in the region and undermine immigrants’ rights, the timing of this congressional recess could not be any better.

With so much at stake—TPS and DACA holders in limbo, asylum seekers’ rights under attack, the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Venezuela, peace in Colombia hanging by a thread, environmental and human rights defenders in the region targeted at alarming rates, U.S.-Cuba relations on the brink of rupture—it’s crucial we all take action today!


Now’s our chance to get a hold of our legislators and urge them to support the right kind of policies. This is especially important if your representative or senators are new to Congress: let them know right off the bat where their constituents stand on justice and human rights in Latin America!

What can you do?

1. Request a meeting with your member

> Click here to look up your members of Congress.

> Call their district office and request a meeting (preferably with the member, but also good to meet with staff).

2. Attend a town hall or public event near you

> Click here for a list of local town halls.

What should you say?

Tell your member of Congress to:

  1. Provide permanent protection for TPSianos and Dreamers; (A bill will soon be introduced that does just this and it’ll need support full steam ahead!)
  2. Support the full and enthusiastic implementation of the peace accords signed between the Colombian government and the FARC in November 2016;
  3. Oppose U.S. military intervention in Venezuela, calling instead for a diplomatic solution to the current political and humanitarian crisis;
  4. Oppose a rollback of U.S.-Cuba diplomatic relations, especially by urging the Trump Administration to continue waiving Title III of the Helms-Burton Act;
  5. Speak out against the region-wide attacks against environmental, land, and human rights defenders and social leaders.

Thank you for holding our government accountable and championing compassion and justice for all!

In solidarity,

Lisa, Mavis, Daniella, Andrea, and Lily
The LAWG Team

P.S. Congressional recesses happen multiple times a year, so don’t worry if you miss this chance to directly engage your members. The next recess will be from March 18 to 22 so mark your calendars!