Reps. Farr and McGovern Co-Sponsor Letter Critical of Aerial Fumigations

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Last week, Reps. Sam Farr and Jim McGovern circulated a letter to Colombia’s President Uribe on drug crop fumigations. In a recent, post-reelection visit to Washington D.C., President Uribe asked the U.S. government to provide additional helicopters and spray planes to Colombia, in order to intensify the aerial fumigation program. Recent State Department figures, however, make clear that aerial fumigation has failed to reduce coca cultivation. In fact, the amount of coca produced in 2005 was greater than the amount of coca produced in 2000, the year Plan Colombia was initiated.

The letter urged President Uribe to support proven alternative development programs, in order to provide Colombians the means to stop growing illicit crops. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has reported that when eradication efforts are combined with assistance for farmers to plant licit—and economically viable—crops, coca production decreases. 35 members of Congress signed on to the letter, sending a strong message to Colombia’s President Uribe. If your representative signed this letter, make sure to call him/her and express your appreciation.

Here's a list of co-signers:

Rep. R. Andrews
Rep. Baldwin
Rep. Clay
Rep. Sherrod Brown
Rep. Fattah
Rep. Frank
Rep. Charles Gonzalez
Rep. Grijalva
Rep. Gutierrez
Rep. Honda
Rep. EB Johnson
Rep. Kilpatrick
Rep. Kind
Rep. Kucinich
Rep. Langevin
Rep. Rick Larsen
Rep. McCollum
Rep. McDermott
Rep. Brad Miller
Rep. Gwen Moore
Rep. Oberstar
Rep. Payne
Rep. Bobby Rush
Rep. Tierny
Rep. Linda Sanchez
Rep. Schakowsky
Rep. Serrano
Rep. Stark
Rep. Waters
Rep. Watson
Rep. Waxman
Rep. Wexler
Rep. Woolsey