Senate Scorecard 2005 Legend

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About the Initiatives and Votes

  • Feingold: An X indicates senator signed a July 1, 2005 letter initiated by Senators Russ Feingold (D-WI), Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Christopher Dodd (D-CT) calling on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice not to certify that Colombia met human rights conditions in law until greater progress was made on a series of cases.
  • Dorgan: An X indicates senator voted in favor of an amendment to the Interior Appropriations bill offered by Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) to facilitate family travel to Cuba in humanitarian circumstances.
  • Juárez: An X indicates senator was a co-sponsor to the resolution to express sympathy for the families of the victims of women's murders in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua City, Mexico. The joint resolution was introduced by Rep. Hilda Solis (D-CA) in the House and by Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) in the Senate. There was no vote on this bill in 2005.
  • McCain: An X indicates senator voted to ban the use of torture in U.S. detention facilities. Offered by Senator John McCain (R-AZ), this amendment will make illegal the use of cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of detainees in U.S. military custody. 

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