Share Your Human Rights Story with the LAWG Community

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In her first blog post—"Welcome to the LAWG Blog"—LAWG's Lisa Haugaard shared a bit of her human rights story with us. Have you read it?

Here's an excerpt:

"As a young woman making my way in the world, I would go to my regular job in New York City during the day, and at night I listened to public radio, stories about the Salvadoran army killing men, women and children as they ran through the fields to hide, about the Nicaraguan contras ambushing and brutally killing the doctors, teachers, and agricultural experts who were helping to bring services to the countryside. It disturbed me deeply that my government, my government in which I believed and still believe, was supporting and funding these unjust wars."

The truth is that we all have a human rights story to share, something—or, in many cases, someone— that made us commit to being better neighbors and working in solidarity with our Latin America partners to change U.S. policy. And these stories are what's always inspired us to keep pressing on in the face of long odds.

Now, we want to hear your story. When did you first visit Latin America or become aware of U.S. policy in the region? How did you respond? Why did you become a human rights advocate? What little victories have you won along the way?

Whatever it is, we want to hear it! Please email your human rights story—with a few good photos, too—to and let us know if we have your permission to share it with the rest of the LAWG community. We'll periodically post the most inspiring stories we hear over at the LAWG Blog.