Speak Out to Restore Asylum by July 15th

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Date: Jul 09, 2020

Author: Lauri Alvarez

Another week, another opportunity to fight back against the complete dismantling of our asylum system. We’ve seen just how far the administration will go to push its xenophobic and anti-immigrant agenda. Mothers and fathers have their children ripped from their arms and are placed in separate holding cells for months on end. Families forced to live in dingy makeshift tents on the streets of Mexico waiting indefinitely for the slim chance to apply for asylum. Deportation flights amidst a global pandemic. When will it end? 

It’s up to us, and unfortunately, there’s more to do. The Trump Administration just announced a new asylum rule that would completely gut protections for asylum seekers and return them at alarming rates to the same dangers they were fleeing. Now is our opportunity to speak up. The administration is accepting comments on the new rule until July 15th, and it is  required to review them all. The more unique submissions received the longer it will delay the implementation of this inhumane rule. We must make our voices heard. 

Don’t know how to submit a comment but want to learn? Join us and our partners at a webinar on Monday July 13th at 8PM EST to learn how to protect the rights of children and families fleeing persecution and seeking asylum. WATCH THE RECORDING NOW!

You are vital in these efforts to counter the destruction of our asylum system.

What can you do?

  • WATCH our Webinar with Save the Children Action Network and the American Immigration Council to learn about the latest asylum rule and how to submit a public comment.

  • Submit a comment by 11:59PM EST on Wednesday July 15th opposing the new asylum rule.

    • Now is the opportunity to make our voices heard! Submit an individualized comment explaining why you are opposed to the new rule
      You can say something like: This comment is in regards to EOIR Docket No. 18-0002; A.G. Order No. 4714-2020; RIN 1125-AA94. I submit this comment to oppose the reference Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) which would effectively end the ability of people, families and children to obtain asylum in the United States. The United States should welcome asylum seekers and refugees because (give an answer unique to you). I’m particularly alarmed at how the rule would bar access to asylum for survivors of domestic violence, LGBTQ+ individuals, children, and victims of gang violence (Pick one or two if you like and explain why you think it is important that the United States uphold the basic human right to seek asylum to all people.) This rule would deny thousands of asylum seekers their day in court to make their case heard. If this rule would go into effect it would have a devastating impact on thousands of families and children. For these reasons and many others I believe the proposed rule goes against U.S. and international law and must not be implemented. 
  • Continue to call or email your senators to co-sponsor Senator Markey’s (D-MA) bill, the Immigration Enforcement Moratorium Act (S.4011):

    • It’s important to keep pushing for humane asylum regulations and garner more support for this bill! 
    • Phone Script: “My name is __ and I am a constituent of (STATE). I urge Senator __ to co-sponsor the Immigration Enforcement Moratorium Act (S.4011). Deporting and forcibly expelling individuals, families, and children during a pandemic is inhumane and unlawful and must stop immediately. The administration should not be weaponizing a pandemic to close the border to asylum seekers.”

We must continue advocating for the rights of migrants and asylum seekers. To shut the door in the faces of refugees and asylum seekers is to forget the central role of immigrants in our history.  We will not allow racist rhetoric to undermine the very values we hold dear.