Stand up for TRUTH in Colombia!

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Did you know Colombia’s Truth Commission offers a once-in-generations opportunity to stop the cycle of violence that has cost over 450,000 lives?

But this opportunity can ONLY happen if the Truth Commission’s message is spread not only in Colombia but across the world. 

What is the Colombian Truth Commission?

Colombia’s Truth Commission was set up by the 2016 peace accord to address more than 60 years of armed conflict. The team of commissioners listened to the painful testimonies of  tens of thousands of the 9 million victims of Colombia’s conflict.

In July 2022, the Truth Commission released its final report. When you read the heart-wrenching testimonies, you see that every armed actor,  from the guerrillas to the paramilitaries to Colombia’s own armed forces, committed horrifying acts of cruelty against the civilian population.

Colombian society needs to reflect, and change.

And the United States, which supported the Colombian government and armed forces so strongly during a period when human rights violations by many armed actors, including Colombia’s armed forces, reached their peak, also needs to REFLECT and CHANGE.  

What You Can Do

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Click here for the complete infographic on the human cost of the deadly war in Colombia. You can share on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram along with some sample tweets! 

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As the Colombian Truth Commission shows, the #US backed Colombia’s army at the time when #humanrights abuses by ALL armed actors, including by the army, reached their peak. Like #Colombia, the US needs to REFLECT, and CHANGE.@ComisionVerdadC #HayFuturoSiHayVerdad
JUNTOS, we can work for #peace and #justice for the people of Colombia by implementing the @ComisionVerdadC recommendations! Check out their interactive website below! And ALWAYS remember #HayFuturoSiHayVerdad
About 16,000 musicians performed in #Colombia to mark their support for the @ComisionVerdadC’s final report, pay tribute to the victims of the armed conflict & call for #peace.TOGETHER we can implement the Colombian Truth Commission’s recommendations!
The Colombian Truth Commission listened to painful testimonies that indicate EVERY ARMED ACTOR inflicted violence upon Colombian citizens.The @ComisionVerdadC’s final report help us understand the scope of violence so that these horrifying acts of cruelty NEVER happen again.

We MUST bring awareness to the Truth Commission’s revelations of the conflict’s deadly toll and its recommendations for Colombia to achieve greater peace!

In solidarity, 

Ana for the LAWG team—Lisa, Daniella, and Yadira