Stop the Violence in Mexico!

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We’ve got just one simple, but critical action for you to take today: stop violence in mexico 2

Join our new Facebook campaign “STOP the Violence in Mexico” and help us grow the movement for justice and human rights in Mexico.  In communities across the United States, there are concerned people like you who are passionate about human rights. But unlike you, a lot of them haven’t heard about what’s been going on in Mexico or don’t know how to turn their passion into action; action that can make a huge difference in real people’s lives.

They don’t know that over 50,000 people have been killed in Mexico’s “drug war”– a war the United States has supported with funds to the Mexican military. Or that firearms used by organized crime in brutal killings are bought in the United States and smuggled into Mexico, as a result of lax U.S. gun laws.  Or that the profits from drugs sold north of the border are connected to massacres of innocent migrants south of the border.

This is where you come in. We’ve decided that it’s time to get those people connecting with activists like you. It’s time to recognize that when all of us stand together, we can influence Washington and achieve just policies towards Mexico. And where better to start, we thought, than Facebook?

If you haven’t yet, go to the “STOP the Violence in Mexico” page and click the “Like” button right next to the name of the page. On the bottom left-hand side, you can click “Share” to post this page on your friend’s wall, inviting them to check out the page and “Like” it, too!

Then, check back often to:

•    Stay informed by watching videos and reading our frequent news updates;
•    Interact with other concerned activists by posting your own thoughts and questions;
•    And take action through our regular alerts about what you can do to STOP the violence Mexico!

We have a goal of breaking 1,000 fans by the end of March, will you help us get there by “Liking” it today?

Mil gracias,

Jenny, Ben, and Amy, the LAWG Mexico Team

P.S. If you doubt that we need to create more awareness about violence in Mexico and the U.S. role in fueling it, please watch this eye-opening video. WARNING: this video contains some graphic content.