Take Action: Tell Congress We Support Peace in Colombia

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Author: Angelika Albaladejo


Help us flood Congress with support for peace in Colombia on May 23rd for this year’s

Days of Prayer and Action for Peace in Colombia
Building Peace from the Ground Up | Construyendo la Paz Desde la Base


 Send your members of the House and Senate an email laying out eight ways the U.S. Congress can support peace and respect human rights in Colombia. Click here to use our quick and easy email form!

DOPA Building Peace


 Add your voice to the calls for peace!
Tell Congress to Support Peace in Colombia

Each year, grassroots advocates across the United States and Colombia raise up their voices and call for peace during the Days of Prayer and Action for Peace in Colombia. Through continued advocacy, we are now closer than ever to achieving an end to more than five decades of war. Communities across Colombia are already working to build peace from the ground up in Colombia. Let’s stand in solidarity with them and recognize their essential role in constructing a lasting peace. 

Colombia can finally see peace on the horizon. But peace isn’t guaranteed with the signing of a peace agreement; true peace with truth, justice, and reparations will take years of work. 

For more than 15 years, the U.S. government provided Colombia with military-focused assistance through Plan Colombia. As the U.S. government begins to plan for a new “Peace Colombia” assistance package aimed at implementing peace, let’s encourage rights-respecting aid that recognizes that “post-accord” does not mean “post-conflict.” 

As the potential peace accords with the FARC are implemented and formal peace talks with the ELN begin, there are real risks that Colombians will continue to face human rights violations like those seen during the war. Let’s make sure our members of Congress know how important it will be for our government to help support and monitor peace implementation.

Every email sent and phone call made shows Congress that we stand in solidarity with Colombian civil society, faith, and victims’ groups committed to building a lasting peace in Colombia. Click here to contact your representative and senators!

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