Tell Congress to Stop Attacking Immigrant Families!

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Author: Emma Buckhout

Dont deport my momNew year, new Congress, same old anti-immigrant, deportation-only tricks.  Instead of offering solutions to our broken immigration system and approving funding to keep the Department of Homeland Security running beyond February, some members of Congress are focused on attacking President Obama’s immigration actions—bold and humane measures that will protect up to five million families and children from the daily threat of deportation.

This time, their bag of tricks consists of five poison-pill amendments to the DHS spending bill (H.R. 240) that would remove existing legal protections and separate more families.  Votes on these amendments are scheduled for tomorrow morning, so it’s urgent that we act NOW.

Can you take 5 minutes today to tell your representative to support immigrant families and children and vote NO?

The poison-pill amendments are a direct attack on the Obama administration’s actions that, while not perfect, will protect millions of families.  These harmful amendments include measures to:

•    Undo DHS’s commonsense prioritization of deportation cases, resulting in more parents deported, more families separated, more children placed in foster care;
•    Place some victims of domestic violence at greater risk for being deported;
•    Remove existing protections of the ability to study and work for young people who came to the United States as children, and prevent the President’s expansion of that program;
•    Prevent DHS from replacing the problematic Secure Communities program with one aimed at improving community policing efforts.

Send a message to those that will decide: support protection and compassion for hardworking families and children.

If members of Congress are actually serious about passing legislation, it’s time they vote on comprehensive immigration reform that promotes family unity, protects workers’ rights, stops harmful deportations, and halts wasteful spending on unneeded border militarization.

Let’s make sure Congress doesn’t start 2015 off on the wrong foot: tell your member to vote NO on amendments to H.R. 240!