Tell Our Next President to Change U.S. Policy towards Latin America

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Yes, friends, it is a moment of hope. But change never comes easy, and change in U.S. foreign policy is especially hard to come by. If we want to see foreign policies we can believe in, we need to organize to make any part of our dreams come true.

Sign our petition today! Let's encourage the next president to build a just policy towards Latin America and the Caribbean that unites us with our neighbors. Click here to sign the petition.

Beginning on January 21, 2009, we call on President Obama to take a new approach towards Latin America by:

  • Investing in people, not military might.
  • Putting human rights front and center.
  • Taking action to end the travel ban on Cuba for ALL Americans.
  • Actively working for peace in Colombia.
  • Getting serious and smart about drug policy.
  • Supporting a sensible and humane approach to border enforcement.
  • Keeping the door to the Oval Office open to Latin American voices.

You can sign the petition here.

We can be a powerful voice for change in U.S. policy towards Latin America and the Caribbean—but to be that powerful voice, we need more committed people like you to join us.

Help us reach our goal of 10,000 signers! Forward this email to ten of your friends, family, and colleagues to sign the petition. Spread the word!

After you sign the petition, we encourage you to visit President-elect Obama's transition website at to share your vision for our country at home and abroad–and don't worry, you can share your whole vision, beyond Latin America.

We're looking forward to working with all of you in the coming months to turn this opportunity for change into real change for Latin America and the Caribbean!