Tell the Biden Administration: no more gun sales to Mexico!

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Author: Lauri Alvarez

The United States trained some of the police arrested for a massacre that left 19 migrants dead in Mexico. This tragedy is one of many in an increasing pattern of police violence with U.S.-exported assault weapons in Mexico and throughout the region. Currently, there is no effective system to track where guns from the U.S. end up in Mexico and by continuing these exports the United States is complicit in horrific human rights violations committed by abusive police and military. We will not let this stand.

That’s why we’re joining forces with our partner Global Exchange to urge the Biden Administration to end gun sales to Mexico NOW! Sign our petition today! 

The Biden Administration has a real opportunity to take a stand against the misuse of U.S. arms. If addressing gun violence is a priority, the U.S. should also better track how our weapons contribute to violence south of our border. We cannot continue to provide abusers weapons in good faith. The violence will not end if we continue to fan the flames.

If you believe there should be proper regulation of U.S. arms exports to Mexico then: SIGN OUR PETITION NOW! 

We must protect our southern neighbors from senseless violence. There must be proper regulation, documentation, and tracking of our weapons exports. Until that is possible, these exports must be halted.

Stop the Violence. Sign now!