Tell the President you support his announcement on Cuba travel

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Many of you responded to our email update 10 days ago on the Presidential action easing some of the regulations on travel to Cuba. You wanted to know how to respond. Clearly there is more work to be done to change U.S. policy toward Cuba, but we think a “thank you” to the President and encouragement to do more is appropriate. By clicking here, you can send an email to the White House with a message of thanks and a request for more.

There has been a LOT of press on the Presidential action, the great majority of it very supportive. If your local paper has editorialized or printed an op-ed, a letter to the editor from you as a follow-up would be a way to keep the story alive. As long as we show interest and continue prodding our elected officials, the issue will remain a press-worthy item and will stay in the minds of our officials and their staff. There are MANY new members of Congress who need to hear from you about Cuba policy; we will be back to you soon with ideas and actions on how to educate these new members and get them on our side. You can be sure that opponents of engagement are already busy at work trying to get commitments from new members to support the outdated and unfair current policy. We need to continue to make our voices heard.

Click here to send a message to the President. Remember, you are able to edit the letter to the President to add your own comments (it is best to be brief).

Thanks for your part in this success with the White House. Let’s not quit now.