Tell @USAmbHonduras to SPEAK OUT against brutal repression in Honduras!

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Author: Andrea Fernández Aponte

In the aftermath of the November 2017 Honduran elections, massive protests—over 1,000 in total—against suspected electoral fraud and the disputed reelection of President Juan Orlando Hernández took place all over the country. These demonstrations were met with brutal repression by state security forces, leaving more than 20 people dead. Protests continue in January 2018—and so does the repression. 

Hernández is scheduled to be inaugurated to his second term as president TOMORROW, January 27, 2018, after a bitterly contested and deeply flawed election. The Opposition Alliance has called for a national strike and many Honduran citizens could be protesting around the inauguration. We need to protect the Honduran people’s right to free speech and protest!

The U.S. Embassy in Honduras has been disturbingly quiet in light of the obvious repression of Honduran citizens by their government and the many post-electoral human rights abuses documented. Chargé d’Affaires Heide Fulton, whose twitter account is a main means of public communication for the embassy, has barely spoken out against the excessive use of force by the Honduran police and military

[[First_Name]], let’s tell Chargé Fulton to SPEAK OUT against these injustices and URGE the Honduran government to respect and protect its citizens! Together, we can get our message across to the Twitter-savvy Chargé >>


Click on one of the following tweets to send it to Chargé Fulton!

  .@USAmbHonduras CALL OUT the #Honduras government’s brutal repression of peaceful protests!
  I demand @USAmbHonduras STAND UP for right to free speech and peaceful protest in #Honduras! 
    Hey, @USAmbHonduras, tell the #Honduras government put a stop to violence against its citizens!
  Silence = Complicity! @USAmbHonduras SPEAK OUT against violent repression in #Honduras!


P.S. See our latest blog on the human rights violations that have taken place since the elections, including the killings of of 21 people, most of them protesters, by Honduran security forces.