Tell Your Friends: If “Poverty Needs No Passport,” Let’s Join Together with Our Neighbors

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During the past year we have seen how the border fence has taken an ever heavier toll on the environment, borderland residents, migrants, and taxpayers—and it's emblematic of a misguided policy that has offended our neighbors greatly.

As construction costs have risen, so has the price tag on the border fence, reaching an average of $8 million per mile, or double the Department of Homeland Security's estimate from a year ago.

And in a Washington Post op-ed last summer, Costa Rican President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Óscar Arias Sánchez noted the tragic irony of sinking millions of dollars into the border wall when "poverty needs no passport to travel and cannot be detained by walls."

It's clear that this symbol of an inhumane and ineffective approach needs to change, but now we need to build a movement that's capable of changing it.

Tell ten of your friends, family, or colleagues why the border wall—and similar policies—must go and encourage them to sign up for the Promote Justice in Mexico and the Borderlands campaign's e-alerts.