Thank You

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Wow. What an incredible year of activism we’ve seen from you.

As we all prepare to give thanks with family and friends later this week we wanted to ensure you knew how thankful we are for the tremendous difference you’ve made this year as a committed LAWGista.  No matter the type of activism; from sending scolding emails to the Cuba desk at the State Department and the Office of Foreign Assets Control and to your Representative demanding that the U.S. enforce human rights requirements in Mexico to taking over social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter so that GM would hear out the members of ASOTRECOL, or the overwhelming amount of financial support we received for our Cuba program last week. Simply put, thank you.

You’ve made a world of difference and we’ll continue to fight for justice in Latin America, together.

To show you just how much we mean thanks, our staff put together this short and sweet video to drive the message home.

From all of us here at LAWG thank you for being a LAWGista.