The Brutal Truth Behind U.S. Guns in Mexico

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Last month, the tragic shooting in Colorado horrified the nation. Did you know that the AR-15 type guns used in the Colorado shooting have been found at many violent crime scenes in Mexico – and that many of these weapons have been traced to the United States?  Check out this short video to learn how these guns are trafficked to Mexico, who profits, and what President Obama can do to help STOP the violence in Mexico.

Watch the video and TAKE ACTION to urge President Obama to act now to stop gun trafficking into Mexico!

Horrific violence and bloodshed plagues communities across Mexico every day. The numbers speak for themselves—more than 60,000 killed, 10,000 people disappeared, and over 160,000 displaced in the past six years.  Roughly 70 percent of AR-15s and other firearms used by organized crime, gangs, and kidnappers in Mexico come from the United States.  This is just one reason why the victims of violence from Mexico’s Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity (MPJD) are calling for a halt to southbound arms smuggling as they caravan from San Diego to Washington, DC this summer.

Add YOUR voice to Mexico’s Peace Movement by watching this video and signing the petition!

Last November we teamed up with well-known Mexican actor, Diego Luna, to urge President Obama to stop the illegal flow of weapons across our southern border that supplies lethal firepower to organized crime in Mexico.  If you didn’t have a chance to sign the petition then, here’s your chance now.

Be part of the solution for a more peaceful Mexico. Watch this great short video by Cuéntame and WOLA and sign the petition!