The LAWG Blog Better Than Ever

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The LAWG Blog is about to become your favorite thing since fair trade coffee. Why? Because we're ramping it up with more issues, more engaging features, and more room for your voice. Click here to check it out!

So, what's new with our blog?

  • Fresh Perspectives: We're your reliable source for analysis on U.S. policy towards Cuba, Colombia, and Mexico and the Borderlands. But we're also responding to key issues and new developments in the hemisphere. Be it human rights violations and abuses of democracy in Honduras, or efforts to rebuild in Haiti, LAWG will be there with stories from the ground and to tell you what this means for you as an advocate.
  • Blog Subscriptions: We know each person engages with blogs in different ways: some people "surf" blogs all day and others wouldn't be caught checking them. We get it. So we're going to offer the option of subscribing. Would you like an email update of the previous day's blogs each morning? Subscribe to the LAWG blog here!  Do you use a blog reader? Add our feed to your reader.
  • Comments: We want to know what you care about, so we've added a comments section under each entry. Tell us what you think of the information we're finding, what issues you would like us to address, and how you want us to represent you in Washington.

If you haven't done so yet, visit our blog. Check out some border wall art or a personal performance by Cuban musician Carlos Varela. Read our analysis of Obama's plan for Latin America or get the latest info on forced disappearances in Colombia. Soak up new wisdom and perspective from first-hand testimonies of human rights defenders from Mexico to Ecuador.  What will we blog about next? Subscribe today so you don't miss a thing.

This past year served as a strong reminder that our work at LAWG must be dynamic. Since we launched the blog, you've been better connected and informed than ever before—and Washington is taking notice. That's why we're going to keep rejuvenating our work, so that you can more effectively push for human rights, peace, and justice in our hemisphere.

So, get your cup of fair trade coffee and sit down for a while with the LAWG blog!