Today We Celebrate Our Rights

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Article 30 from the UN Declaration of Human rights states “No one can take away your rights.” Today, we will be celebrating International Human Rights Day and the 64th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Do you know what the 30 articles of Human Rights are? Just in case you need a refresher, watch the video below directed by Ani Boghossian, in honor of International Human Rights Day.


Here at the Latin America Working Group, we focus everyday on prioritizing human rights in the Americas. But we couldn’t do half the work that we do without the help of you, our supporters, who assist us in demanding respect for human rights in our foreign policy agenda. Thank you for your dedication in defending the right to travel, right to life, right to security, workers rights, the right to seek a safe place to live, and most importantly, protecting the rights of human rights defenders to advocate on behalf of their communities. Once again, thank you and Happy Human Rights Day!