URGENT: Take Five Minutes for Humane Border and Immigration Policy!

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May 9th marks the first day that the Senate Judiciary Committee will be considering amendments on the bipartisan immigration bill, S. 744.  They will start considering amendments on the bill’s border provisions. Judiciary committee members need to hear from people of conscience from across the country – not just those who live in their states – about how these amendments will impact our communities.

Please call 1-866-940-2439* to speak with a Judiciary Committee member. It will only take five minutes! For a list of Judiciary Committee members, click here. Below is a sample script you can use. For more information on these amendments, click here. 

“I urge the Senator to SUPPORT immigration amendments Coons #2, Hirono #23, Feinstein #6 and #11, and Blumenthal #10, which would help protect families and vulnerable populations. These amendments are easy fixes that improve border provisions in S.744. 

I also urge the Senator to OPPOSE ALL amendments offered by Senators Grassley and Sessions, which would irresponsibly increase enforcement efforts and delay the pathway to citizenship.”

Let us know how your call went by filling out this quick survey so that we may follow-up with you!

Feel free to e-mail Ruth I. Robles with any questions.

*Please note that you likely will not be connected with your own Senator’s office through this number, unless they are a specific Judiciary Committee member. This is the best way to raise our voices at this moment. Judiciary members know they are responsible to ALL of us as they consider amendments. Feel free to call 1-866-940-2439 multiple times to connect with all priority Judiciary members.

On Twitter, use #CIRmarkup,  #SJC (senate judiciary committee),  #timeisnow,  #p2c (path to citizenship).

You can also tweet at Judiciary Committee members: @SenatorLeahy,  @SenFeinstein, @ChuckSchumer, @SenatorDurbin, @SenWhitehouse, @amyklobuchar, @alfranken, @ChrisCoons, @SenBlumenthal, @maziehirono, @ChuckGrassley, @OrrinHatch, @SenatorSessions, @LindseyGrahamSC, @JohnCornyn, @SenMikeLee, @tedcruz, @JeffFlake