Voting Record for Rivera Amendment to HR 2583

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On July 21st 2011,  the House Committee on Foreign Affairs passed an amendment proposed by Rep. David Rivera (R-FL 25th) to the Foreign Relations Authorization Act FY 2012 (HR 2583). This amendment mirrors and extends language proposed by Mr. Diaz-Balart. Mr. Rivera’s amendment would repeal ALL changes made by President Obama since his inauguration, restricting travel for families AND for educational, religious, and people-to-people trips.

Look below to see if your representative sits on the HCFA and how he/she voted. Then click here to either “thank” or “scold” your representative for his/her action!

 Voted FOR Rivera Amendment
•    Ackerman, Gary L, D-NY-5    
•    Bilirakis, Gus, R-FL-9    
•    Buerkle, Ann Marie, R-NY-25
•    Burton, Dan, R-IN-5    
•    Cardoza, Dennis, D-CA-18   
•    Carnahan, Russ, D-MO-3    
•    Chabot, Steve, R-OH-1    
•    Chandler, Ben, D-KY-6    
•    Cicilline, David, D-RI-1
•    Connolly, Gerald E, D-VA-11    
•    Deutch, Theodore E, D-FL-19    
•    Duncan, Jeff, R-SC-3    
•    Ellmers, Renee, R-NC-2
•    Engel, Eliot L, D-NY-17   
•    Faleomavaega, Eni F.H, D-AS-At-large    
•    Fortenberry, Jeff, R-NE-1    
•    Gallegly, Elton, R-CA-24    
•    Griffin, Tim, R-AR-2    
•    Higgins, Brian, D-NY-27    
•    Johnson, Bill, R-OH-6    
•    Keating, William, D-MA-10    
•    Kelly, Mike, R-PA-3    
•    Mack, Connie, R-FL-14    
•    Manzullo, Donald A, R-IL-16    
•    Marino, Tom, R-PA-10    
•    McCaul, Michael, R-TX-10    
•    Poe, Ted, R-TX-2
•    Rivera, David, R-FL-25    
•    Rohrabacher, Dana, R-CA-46    
•    Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana, R-FL-18
•    Royce, Edward, R-CA-40    
•    Schmidt, Jean, R-OH-2    
•    Sires, Albio, D-NJ-13    
•    Smith, Christopher H, R-NJ-4    
•    Wilson, Joe, R-SC-2   
•    Wilson, Frederica, D-FL-17

Voted AGAINST Rivera Amendment
•    Bass, Karen, D-CA-33  
•    Berman, Howard L, D-CA-28   
•    Meeks, Gregory W, D-NY-6    
•    Murphy, Christopher S, D-CT-5    
•    Payne, Donald M, D-NJ-10    
•    Schwartz, Allyson Y, D-PA-13    

•    Sherman, Brad, D-CA-27   

•    Paul, Ron, R-TX-14    
•    Pence, Mike, R-IN-6