We Stopped the Eviction!

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I wanted to write a quick, exciting update on the situation with the Afro-Colombian community La Toma:

We stopped the eviction!

As I was writing to you last week, 400 personnel from the public forces were already assembling on La Toma’s lands, poised to carry out the eviction the next day. But then, in less than 24 hours you sent over 1500 faxes to the U.S. State Department’s Colombia desk and they listened. We got them to convince the Colombian government to keep the community of La Toma on their land! Yes, that was your work that made that happen!

Still, the plans for the eviction were only suspended, not stopped for good. We will be in touch with you as the situation progresses. But for now, click here to send a message to the Colombian government to let them know that the international community is still watching and that they must keep their promises to La Toma.

Thank you so much for taking action and helping to make a real difference!

(To read the original alert explaining the situation, click here.)