What can You do to Support Peace in Colombia?

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We have made an impact.

But we still need your help in driving our message home so that our government supports the peace process in Colombia, with truth and justice.  You did a great job in helping get Congress on board to support the peace process as 62 representatives have signed the congressional Dear Colleague letter. Now we need your help so that President Obama hears our call for peace. 

Building peace will be difficult, especially in an environment where more than 5 million people have been violently robbed of their homes and indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities and human rights defenders remain at risk. Those that have profited from the war still oppose peace. U.S. policy for the last decade has fueled this war. We need to change that, once and for all. Let’s make sure our government is on the right side of history, standing for the rights of victims of violence, for truth, justice, and peace.

Urge President Obama to rise to the challenge and support peace with justice. Sign the petition today!

With Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia a week away, this is our chance to get our collective voice heard. You did a great job in helping bring Congress on board to support the peace process, as 62 representatives have signed the congressional Dear Colleague letter sponsored by Representatives McGovern and Schakowsky. Members of the faith community in the United States have also written a letter addressed to President Obama and Secretary Kerry in support of the peace process. And in Colombia, hundreds of thousands of people turned out across the country in support of peace and in solidarity with the victims of violence.

You can do YOUR part by clicking here and signing the petition. Will you tell President Obama now is the time for peace with justice in Colombia?

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos recently stated: “The best tribute we can give to the millions of victims of violence is to ensure that in the future there are no more victims, there is no more conflict, there is no more bloodshed or tears: that we conquer peace.”  After 12 years of Plan Colombia and $8.5 billion in mostly military aid, U.S. policy towards Colombia must now turn away from military solutions, and make room for peace. U.S. support should help the displaced and victims of violence, provide diplomatic support and protect those working for peace as Colombia navigates this historic moment. 

We need you to make sure we get as many signatures as possible. Here’s the direct link to the petition to share with your networks.

Share this with all your friends, post it on facebook, tweet it, and talk about it. Let’s drive the message home, now is the time for peace in Colombia!