What about Haitian Migrant Workers?

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In recent events in the United States, Haitian-American communities along with members of congress are pushing to increase the number of visas allotted to Haitians who have already been approved for but have yet to be given a visa so they can join their family members. The issue with speed of visa is due to the limit put on number of visas allowed every year. Some hopeful migrants wait up to a decade, after being approved, to receive their visa. “As a new Haitian government takes shape, and as the country still grapples with cholera and post-earthquake reconstruction, additional help is needed, ” reports the office of Democrat representative Frederica Wilson. Haiti was recently added to a new list of countries now able to get working visas which would allow Haitians to come legally as agricultural and seasonal workers. This would mean an increase in visas for those who are extra workers in hotels for vacation season or on farms when crops are ready to be harvested, after these seasons were over they would return to Haiti or country or origin.

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