What’s YOUR story?

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Greetings from post-earthquake and post-hurricane Washington, DC. The next (un)natural disaster due to hit our nation’s capitol is the return of the Congress to Washington after Labor Day (shout-out to Rep. Jeff Flake, see below).


A couple of weeks ago, we announced to all of you the publication of our on-line “How-to” Travel to Cuba brochure. We got lots of good comments; thanks! Please know that you are free to print and copy the document, or whichever part of it you find most useful, and distribute it freely. We hold no strings to the sharing of our advocacy materials!

We have already updated some of the content, added new scheduled trips, and added new resources, including a couple of pages on “how to” become an advocate for policy change when you return from your trip. Everyone deserves to have our right to travel to Cuba returned to us! We’ll continue to post updates, so check back often. Still to come is a list of organizations that have been granted “people-to-people” licenses, when we are able to compile a nearly complete list. OFAC keeps this information under lock and key, so we are searching websites and following up on rumors. If you know of an organization that has received a people-to-people license, please let us know!

Today we are excited to especially draw your attention to one of the new sections, “Share YOUR Travel Story.” The first 25 Cuba travel stories that we publish on this page will each receive a free “CubaGO!” t-shirt. Here’s what they look like! (Note, only sizes available are M and L.)