Covid-19: Stop the asylum ban & deportations!

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Author: Lauri Alvarez

COVID-19 has shaken the world as we know it– but now is not the time for fear mongering and division, but unity and compassion. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we depend on each other. We must protect our family, friends, and our communities. Together, we can get through it.

For some, quarantine means binge watching Netflix, spending time with family, learning a new hobby, and taking a break from their typical routine. Many of us are worried about our relatives, friends, paying our bills and feeding our families. Yet for many vulnerable people in our own communities and for asylum seekers at our border, this health crisis means more fear, homelessness, and even death.

While airports are shut down and travel is restricted worldwide, President Trump wants to continue deporting families and children back to Central America, to countries that are in no condition to receive them. This is inhumane. We can’t let this happen. 

>>>Sign our petition to stop deportations NOW!<<<

The administration announced it was closing the border and returning all asylum seekers to Mexico, violating due process and international law. They will be greeted by the thousands already waiting in Mexico, living in makeshift refugee camps and filthy conditions–forgotten. No supplies, no answers, no hope. This is the wrong answer to a public health crisis. 

Join us in calling on the administration to stop sending asylum seekers to danger, and instead screen and process them humanely. Deportations and the border shutdown will not make our communities healthier and safer. It is just another way to shut the door on people seeking safety. We should all be #SafeAndTogether, so let’s continue to advocate for those who are separated.


What Can You Do?

We may be stuck at home but we can still speak out! Here are TWO ways you take action NOW! 


Sign our petition demanding Trump and DHS stop deportations to Mexico and Central America! Then share it with friends on Twitter and Facebook!

  • You can use this: I just signed @LAWGAction petition to stop deportations to #Mexico and #CentralAmerica. President Trump wants to continue deporting families and children to countries that are in no condition to receive them. We can’t let this happen Sign here:


Share our graphic on Twitter and Facebook with this sample text to demand we stop the asylum ban and deportations at the border during #COVID-19.

    • What the #Trump Admin should STOP doing at our border during #Covid19
      -Deporting families to Mx and #CentAm
      -Militarizing the borderHere’s what SHOULD  happen…
      -Keep asylum seekers #SafeAndTogetherTo download:


We are stronger together. It is time to lean on each other and advocate for those who are being forgotten.