¡BERTA VIVE! Act NOW to uphold her legacy!

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Author: Andrea Fernández Aponte


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Today marks exactly two years since beloved environmental and indigenous rights activist Berta Cáceres was murdered in her home in La Esperanza, Honduras. To this day, the intellectual authors of her killing have not been brought to justice. Unfortunately, the human rights situation in Honduras has only gotten worse since Berta’s passing. Help put a stop to the violence and repression. ACT NOW >>

In the aftermath of the highly contested November 2017 presidential elections, massive protests against suspected electoral fraud and the disputed reelection of President Juan Orlando Hernández took place all over the country. More than 24 people, most of them protesters, were killed by Honduras’s security forces. Protests have continued well into 2018—and so has the repression.

Join us in honoring Berta’s legacy by standing up for what’s right. Contact your representative today!>>

The U.S. government has turned a blind eye to the post-electoral crisis in Honduras. Only days after the election, the State Department certified that the Honduran government had met human rights conditions, which clears the way for Honduras to receive millions of dollars in U.S. aid—unless Congress steps in. Chargé Heide Fulton, the highest ranking U.S. official in the Tegucigalpa embassy, failed to denounce the Honduran government’s use of brutal force against its own civilians.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Join us in demanding our elected officials hold the Honduran government accountable>>


We’re asking our members of Congress to:

» Call for the full and thorough investigation of Berta’s assassination and the prosecution of its material and intellectual authors.

» Demand the Honduran justice system effectively investigates and prosecutes state agents implicated in extrajudicial executions, forced disappearance, and other grave human rights abuses during the post-election period.

» End all U.S. military aid, and suspend all U.S. funds to the Honduran government tied to human rights conditions.

» Urge the Honduran authorities to respect the right of the Honduran people, journalists, and human rights defenders to freely express their opinions, assemble, and protest.

In these troubling times, we need to stand with the brave and righteous. Together, we can uplift all the valiant Bertas in Honduras and put an end to the oppression. We’re counting on you.

¡Berta Vive!

Andrea for the LAWG Team—Lisa, Mavis, Daniella, Andrea, and Lily