Message to the Biden Administration: Restore Diplomatic Relations with Cuba!

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For the past four years, we saw the Trump-Pence Administration undo all of the progress made by the Obama-Biden Administration and double down on failed policies towards Cuba. Travel restrictions, harsher sanctions, and caps on remittances have burdened Cuban families and chipped away at the prospect of normalizing U.S. relations with our island neighbor. We cannot progress towards a brighter future if we keep repeating the mistakes of the past. 

So we’ve decided to send the message to the White House that a majority of Americans support engagement between our two nations, but we need your help. Join us and sign our petition today!

The Biden-Harris administration has the authority to reverse decades of harmful and inhumane policy towards Cuba with just the stroke of a pen. That’s all it takes to put us on the path to a future where the U.S. and Cuba readily engage in dialogue and trade and where Americans and Cubans can travel freely between our two countries. Time is of the essence as Cubans struggle to stay afloat in the middle of an economic and humanitarian crisis, the effects of which have been felt more strongly under the pandemic.

A new administration means a new opportunity to get it right. The Biden-Harris Administration must show the Cuban people that we are ready to forge a new chapter in U.S.-Cuba relations!

End the embargo. Sign now!