Tell President Biden to Restore Access to Asylum!

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Author: Yadira Sánchez-Esparza

Did you know that the Biden Administration is bringing back an asylum ban? Despite his promises to restore the right to asylum after Trump’s actions to block it, he’s putting up new obstacles to access asylum at the southern border.  Those who can’t prove they applied for and were denied access to asylum in a country through which they  traveled will be barred from receiving asylum. The only exception is if they have made an appointment at a port of entry using the CBP One app.  But to do this, these asylum seekers must have access to a smartphone, electricity, read English, or Spanish or Kreyol, and be lucky enough to get through on the glitchy app that only has a certain number of appointments available. That’s not the case for many people fleeing danger and seeking asylum at the border.

​​We can’t back down now, since this will inflict disproportionate suffering on Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, poor, and disabled persons, as well as pregnant women and children fleeing persecution. Instead of restoring asylum, this will only create more possibilities for asylum seekers to be subject to sex and human trafficking, extortion, and violence.

What Is Happening Now?

The Biden Administration is taking comments from the public about its plan to bring back an asylum ban and will consider our comments before issuing the final version. We have a short window of time to stop this ban.  Please add your voice to tell them how this rule will harm asylum seekers!

What You Can Do? 

Please use this form to submit a comment telling them how this policy will hurt countless individuals and families. To ensure your comment is counted and considered, please edit their pre-drafted suggestion to make it unique or you can use our suggestion–but you must change it to make it your own.  They won’t count identical comments. 

Comment Script:

“My name is [NAME], from [CITY, TOWN, STATE, ZIP CODE], I am urging the Biden Administration not to bring back the Asylum Ban. This policy unfairly limits access to  asylum for people fleeing violence who traveled on dangerous journeys through other countries before trying to apply for asylum at the U.S. southern border.  This policy is unlawful, inhumane, and must be stopped.”

Please add your comment even if you also signed our petition!

Let’s continue the fight to #NoAsylumBan because no one should be barred from their right to seek safety!

¡La lucha sigue! 

Yadira from the LAWG Team — Ana, Lisa, and Yadira