This Valentine’s Day let’s spread love to those seeking safety!

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We are concerned about what we are hearing from Congress and the White House. Right now, the Republican led House has held two hearings  on immigration and the border in the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight Committee. But instead of focusing on how to create more humane and effective immigration policies, the hearings are promoting fear and dis-information. 

That’s right, our lawmakers are trying to distract us with optics including villanizing people seeking asylum. We need to call out these hearings for what they are, a political show. We know that you and many others across our nation want to welcome all those seeking safety with dignity. 

Even worse, we’ve heard President Biden is moving forward with a transit ban which will deny access to asylum for most people seeking asylum at the border.  . This means that all those who crossed through other countries will have to show they tried to seek asylum in a country they passed through–even though staying in that country may be dangerous for them. 

What You Can Do!

For Valentine’s Day standby us as we send our love and support to our partners and those seeking safety.

Join a national Twitterstorm on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14 at 2 p.m. ET.!

  1. Follow @LAWGaction, @afsc_org, @CFIRofAFSC, @AFSCSanDiego, @WelcomeWDignity, and @interfaithimm to retweet messages of support. 

Sample Tweets:

  1.   ❤️ It’s #ValentinesDay, a perfect reminder to share the love for the incredible immigrants who make up our diverse communities. 🦋 Migration is a right and we want lawmakers to #defundhate by supporting an immigration system that respects #humanrights.
  1.   #HappyValentinesDay!

💗We want to remind you that #LOVE knows:

💗 NO Borders

💗 NO Walls

💗 NO Cages

  1. This #ValentinesDay it is time for us to spread love and remember that asylum is a right! ⚖️ @USG should stand up for, not deny, access to asylum for those seeking danger. 🇺🇸