We Need Immigration Relief for Colombians NOW!

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Author: Ana Pereya Barón

182,000 Colombians in the United States live in fear of deportation. For over 60 years, Colombians were forced to leave their homes due to serious human rights violations and economic insecurity of the armed conflict. Everyone deserves to live a dignified life without the constant risk of deportation. We cannot keep waiting when thousands of people’s lives are on the line! That’s where you come in.

President Biden has the power to grant Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) to Colombia and prevent deportations for a specific period of time. DED would grant temporary protection and work authorization to approximately 182,000 Colombians in the United States. The U.S. supports Colombia’s efforts toward peace and key role in regional migration challenges. DED would highlight that U.S. support. In December 2022, Colombian President Petro requested the Biden Administration grant DED to Colombians already living in the US. DED should be a part of President Biden’s promised rights-based immigration policy. In May, over 100 organizations sent this letter urging the Biden Administration to act on DED for Colombia. Let’s keep it up!

What You Can Do!

We are asking YOU to CALL or WRITE to your members of Congress before Friday, September 29th! Urge them to sign onto Representatives Jayapal and McGovern’s dear colleague letter circulating in the House. The letter asks President Biden to designate Deferred Enforced Deportation to Colombia. Find your representative here

Here’s a sample script:

“My name is [YOUR NAME], and I’m a constituent from [YOUR CITY OR AREA]. I am calling to urge [REPRESENTATIVE] to sign onto Representatives Jayapal and McGovern’s dear college letter urging President Biden to grant Deferred Enforced Departure to Colombia. DED would temporarily protect 182,000 Colombians who live in constant fear of deportation. You have a chance to support peace in Colombia and make a difference in the lives of thousands of Colombians living in the United States. The deadline for signers is COB Friday, September 29th. I hope you will consider my request, and thank you for your time.”

Seeking a better life is NOT a crime.

Credit: All images from Colombia Fuera de Colombia Campaign