#WelcomeWithDignity Families and Children at our border

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Date: Mar 30, 2021

Author: Lauri Alvarez

Children in cages. Family Separation. Secret hysterectomies. Deporting families, men and women back to danger. The Trump Administration’s policies left a legacy of harm to immigrants and because of them, tens of thousands of families and children are still waiting in refugee camps in Mexico for a chance to make their case heard. It’s time we change that.

What would you do if these were your only options: send your child alone to the United States or go together as a family knowing you’ll all just be returned to danger?  No parent should have to make this choice. Our nation is better than this.

People are fleeing increasing violence, political unrest, food insecurity, and countries destroyed by natural disasters. Even now, instead of refuge they are greeted with a flight back to these same dangers because Title 42, an order implemented by the Trump Administration under the guise of the pandemic, is still in place. It’s time that we hold our administration accountable to restoring dignity at our border and welcoming migrants with compassion and respect. Join us to make the call to #WelcomeWithDignity!

We’re proud to join our partners in this Week of Action March 29-

April 2 calling for the end of Title 42 once and for all!

Take Action

  • Share our explainer with your network via Twitter, Facebook, or email!
  • Sign and share our petition calling on the administration to halt expulsions immediately!
  • Join our twitterstorm on Wednesday at 12PM EST by tagging @POTUS or @SecMayorkas and using the hashtag #WelcomeWithDignity and get them to end this harmful order!
  • Support organizations along the border welcoming migrants!
  • Contact your members of Congress and tell them why Title 42 is harmful and why we need a humanitarian approach to welcome asylum seekers.

It’s time to #WelcomeWithDignity asylum seekers at our border and restore access to our asylum system. It’s the right thing to do.