Tell Your Representative to Help Cuba Recover from Irma!

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Author: Andrea Fernández Aponte

Last week, hurricane Irma wreaked havoc in Cuba. Its passing took the lives of ten people and caused billions of dollars in damage to the country’s already weak infrastructure. It was the strongest hurricane to hit the island in 85 years.

Now, our Cuban neighbors need all the support they can get. We must do everything we can to help them as they struggle to recover from this natural disaster. Take action now!>>

In this spirit, a group of House legislators is circulating a bipartisan “dear colleague” letter calling on the Trump Administration to temporarily remove restrictions on the ability of U.S. companies to export relief and reconstruction supplies to Cuba. This is an action the president can take unilaterally without needing approval from Congress.

Urge your representative to sign onto this important letter today!>>

Currently, because of our one-sided and cruel blockade, the Cubans are not allowed to purchase supplies from the United States to rebuild schools, hospitals, or other important infrastructure. This small change would not cost Americans a dime, and would greatly help Cuba’s recovery efforts.

Don’t wait—the deadline to sign on is next Monday, September 25. Contact your representative now!>>