Between a Wall and a Dangerous Place

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The Latin America Working Group’s (LAWG) series, “Between a Wall and a Dangerous Place,” discusses the intersection of human rights, migration, corruption, and public security in Honduras and El Salvador. The series shows how the dangers that propel children, teenagers, women, and men from those countries to seek refuge in the United States, Mexico, and elsewhere have not ended. The blogs are based on interviews with activists, government officials, journalists, humanitarian workers, diplomats, and academics, and aim to present a more nuanced understanding of the root causes of emigration.

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You can find the individual blog posts below:

Lisa Blog Website

“The space for us is closing.” During our trip to Honduras, we heard this warning repeatedly. What does this mean in practice? This blog details the violations experienced by Honduran civil society while exposing government corruption and human rights abuses.

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“There is no place to hide… so people leave.” This blog examines the factors that continue to drive forced displacement in Honduras and El Salvador, as well as what it means to live a life in hiding and the lack of government response in both countries.

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Public Security in Honduras

“We don’t want to see the Military Police anymore…” This blog focuses on the challenges of developing rights-respecting public security in Honduras.

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El Salvador: Gang Violence and Growing Abuses by State Security Forces

“They are traumatized. They go underground. This blog highlights how El Salvador’s pervasive violence is being countered with harmful mano dura policies, which are exacerbating the security situation in the country.

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Repression in Honduras as Citizens Protest Disputed Election

“The presidential elections from the start were controversial. This short article tackles the crisis of legitimacy following the disputed November 2017 elections.

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No Rights No Dignity

Migrants deported from the United States return to a situation of “uncertainty, fear, and little hope for their future outside of a life in hiding. This blog highlights the ongoing risks and deterioration of conditions that deported migrants face upon their return to El Salvador and Honduras.

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Protest Met with Brutal Repression: Post-Electoral Human Rights Abuses in Honduras

This report details acts of government repression of protesters, journalists, and human rights defenders in the wake of the election. It also points to the challenges that Hondurans, and the international community, are facing to protect human rights at this critical moment.

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Left in the Dark: Violence Against Women and LGBTI Persons in Honduras and El Salvador

This article depicts the bleak state women’s and LGBTI rights in Honduras and El Salvador. It looks at the most recent data available on violence in its different forms to give a timely overview of the current situation.

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